Why I’m Running

I want to share why I’m running, and it’s not just because I received a top-notch education in Clear Creek ISD and want the same for our children.

As a teacher, we began most years reflecting on our “why” – as in “Why are we here?” or “Why do we do what we do?” The idea is that if we center our “why,” we can use that to guide strategic planning and decision-making. Every year, my answer is practically the same: I love learning. I love doing it myself, I love sharing it with others, I love seeing it, and I love facilitating it.

Over the years, I’ve not only found beauty in the learning, but I’ve also found it in the relationships built around the classroom that are the foundation of learning. There is nothing quite like sharing an “aha!” moment with a student or hearing them ask a thoughtful and perceptive question in the pursuit of knowledge.

I value the beauty in growth and want to be a part of it. These last few years, we’ve all faced “unprecedented times” and challenge after challenge. We all know too well that the learning of our children has been impacted significantly. As a parent, I know your “why” is because you want your children to receive the best education possible.

I am running because I know firsthand the power of partnering with families to problem solve and address challenges being faced in classrooms.

It is only with a clear understanding of the children in front of us that we can recognize and meet their individual needs to prepare them for a successful future.